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Updated COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

New Covid Safety Guidelines - Jan 10, 2022


Staff are required and students are recommended to wear non-woven, medical-grade masks or respirators while on campus (e.g., N95s, KN95s, KF94s) until further notice. Cloth masks are not allowed for staff unless they cover a surgical or N95 mask. If you do not have a surgical mask or higher-level respirator, LACHSA will provide one for you when you enter campus. Additionally, masks are required outdoors for everyone if physical distancing is not possible, such as during lunch in the amphitheatre.

It is very important that our whole community observe the masking protocols at all times to help ensure we stay open for instruction. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Covid testing is NOT required for entry to school or work unless you are unvaccinated.

On-site testing resumes on 1/12/2022. Thank you for utilizing LACHSA for your Covid testing needs.

What happens if I’m exposed to or get Covid-19?

All students and staff:

Vaccinated or Unvaccinated + Positive test result = minimum 5-day quarantine. Inform Nurse Jones ( Quarantine, then submit a negative Covid test after day #5 and exhibit no symptoms in order to return to school or work.

Vaccinated students:

Vaccinated + Exposure to Covid-positive person + Asymptomatic = no quarantine or isolation necessary; recommended to take Covid test immediately and attend school or work as usual. Report test results to Nurse Jones.

Unvaccinated students:

Vaccinated + Exposed + Asymptomatic = 5-day quarantine. Inform Nurse Jones. Provide a negative test on day #5 in order to return to school or work.

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