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All LACHSA students receive the benefits of a school counseling and guidance program that is developmental in nature, proactive in design, and comprehensive in scope.


As an integral part of the total educational program, our counselors ensure equity and access to services so that every student is challenged and supported to achieve his/her potential. Each year, the counselors rotate with the students so that each student has the same counselor all four years at LACHSA.

Student Writing

LACHSA’s professional school counselors provide educational support through:

  • Individual and group academic planning, advisement and guidance.

  • Responsive services such as personal counseling, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, collaboration with parents, teachers and administration and referral to outside resources.

As LACHSA students begin to discover themselves and develop their varied talents, they will be beginning to make plans for their future.  The LACHSA counselors ensure students receive important guidance information on:

  • Developing a 4-Year Academic Plan

  • High School Graduation requirements and College Application Assistance

  • College/Career Exploration

  • Post High School Options


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