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LACHSA AP and Honors Information

  • AP and Honors courses are taught to college level standards and are on a 5.0 scale instead of a 4.0 scale. Students who pass the AP exam with a 3, 4, or 5 score may receive college credit for the course.

  • LACHSA students can take a maximum of TWO Honors or AP courses. *New this year: more than two AP/Honors courses must have a consultation meeting with administration first. Email for an appointment.

  • Students may not be allowed to drop the course(s) once accepted and enrolled. If you no longer want to enroll in AP/Honors courses email your counselor immediately.

  • If you receive a D or F grade you will be required to make up the course.

  • Most courses require summer reading and writing, rigorous assignments, and above average study time. Summer assignments are provided by the teacher. See below and/or email teachers at for the summer assignment information

  • Email your teachers directly with questions and for online links and assignments.

  • To be enrolled in AP and Honors courses, please click here to agree to the conditions above.

Summer Assignments

Honors English 10

Google Classroom Code: dqhbgj3 Pick up Novel Lord of the Flies

Honors/AP English Language 11

Google Classroom Code: 22xp7q3 Updated 5/17/21

AP English Literature and Composition 12

No summer assignment

AP World History 10

No summer assignment

Honors US History 11 No summer assignment

AP US History 11 No summer assignment

AP Government 12 Book – pickup at LACHSA week of 6/1/2020 Packet is available at Google classroom code: hfi33ew

AP Calculus Google Classroom Code: 24msotcHN

Precalculus No Summer Assignment

Honors Algebra II Updated 5/14/21

  1. Notes Packet pick up– pickup at LACHSA outside room 120 from 5/24-6/8/2021 or print off google classroom site.

  2. Join Google Class “Honors Algebra II - Fall 2021” using the code l6kplqj or clicking the link here.

  3. Some assignments are due in June to ensure you have access to the materials you need for summer. Please be sure to check the google classroom ASAP.

Google Classroom Information

Students must be logged in with their email accounts. For assistance with google classroom please contact or

AP Testing Dates and Information

Counselors will update LACHSA AP information as it becomes available.

Dates and Information for AP test registration are found on the College Board Website:

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