LACHSA transcripts are available for delivery through the online transcript service, Parchment. With Parchment, you will be able to track and monitor the delivery of the transcript and know that it has arrived at its destination.

NOTE - Parchment is only available for LACHSA students who graduated in spring of 2006 or later. Students who graduated in 2005 or earlier should email lachsa_info@lacoe.edu to request your transcript. Please include your full name at the time you were a student, date of birth, graduation year, contact phone number for you and the address and location where the transcript should be sent.




To request an official transcript, you'll need to create an account with Parchment and your transcripts will be sent directly to the school or job of your choosing. Please follow the procedure below:


  1. Go to www.parchment.com, click Create An Account and follow the instructions to create an account

  2. You MUST use your FULL LEGAL NAME (no nicknames) when creating your account.

  3. It is very important that you accurately input your date of birth and your graduating year.

  4. When asked to "Add School or Organization You Attended", you must enter "LA County High School for the Arts". Any other name for LACHSA will not work.

  5. If you do not know your 4 digit ID then leave it blank.

  6. A counselor will update your transcript on file prior to sending to your selected institution.


  1. Make sure you're signed into Parchment.​

  2. Click the Credentials tab. You will see the available transcripts.

  3. Click the image of the transcript to view it.

  4. Click the print icon on the top right to print it.

  5. Click the download icon on the top right to download it.

  6. Click Update at the bottom of the screen to send a request to your school to upload your latest transcript, which will replace this one.

  7. Click Send to place an order to send your official transcript somewhere. This takes you to the ordering screen.




Unofficial transcripts are available on your AERIES account to download.  No counselor or administrator action is required.  Log in HERE to access AERIES.



Are there any fees associated with getting my transcripts?

Please know that their are a few fees that coincide with this system. For sites that will accept an electronic transcript, there is a minimal fee of $3.00 per transcript. In addition, Parchment/Docufide will allow you to expedite the transcript delivery of hard copy transcripts via mail for an additional cost. US USPS - $2.00 US FedEx - $25.00 Canada/Mexico USPS - $2.50 Canada/Mexico FedEx - $32.50 International USPS - $3.00 International FedEx - $40.00

What is the difference between "official" and "unofficial" transcripts?

Official transcripts are provided for schools, institutions and jobs that might request them from you. Students should not request official e-transcripts be emailed to them - they should request them to be delivered directly to the school, institution or job. Unofficial transcripts are free, and students can download them directly from Aeries. It's a good idea to check your unofficial transcripts before ordering official transcripts to make sure they're accurate.

How long will it take for the official transcript to be sent once I've ordered it?

Once you've placed your order through Parchment, the electronic request is sent to LACHSA. Please give us two business days to approve and process your request - if we have any questions, we will contact you during that period. Please give additional time for requests made during a school holiday or weekend. Transcript requests are only processed when school is in session, and they are processed at least once a week during the summer break.

What does it mean if my transcript is "on hold"?

A "hold" on your transcript means that LACHSA has to approve your request. This is to maintain the security of your transcript and ensure it is not matched with the wrong student. Once you make your request, please give the office two working days to "lift the hold" before reaching out and asking for additional assistance. After two days, if the hold is not lifted, you can contact your counselor for assistance. If you are an alumni, please email one of the assistant principals with your concerns.