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Return to School - April 5

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Beginning Monday, April 5, LACHSA will open its doors to allow for simultaneous in-person and online learning.

In-Person Instruction In-person instruction will be available once a week to students based on their art department. Students are welcome to attend in-person classes only on their assigned days. All other days, students will participate in online instruction. NOTE: In-person attendance is not mandatory; you may elect to attend classes online.

Monday - Visual Arts

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Dance (9th & 12th grade) & Cinematic Arts

Thursday - Theatre

Friday - Musical Theatre (Apr. 9, 16, May 14 only) & Dance (10th & 11th grade)

Arts block may extend to 4:30 p.m. at the discretion of Arts Chairs.

Safety & Prevention

Safety protocols include:

- Ventilation system upgrades

- Frequent cleaning and disinfecting during the morning and lunch

- Face coverings, shields, and antimicrobial mats given to all students

- Enforced social distancing

- Daily online health checks

- One-way directional traffic flow

Parking & Dropoff

Lot 5 is currently closed. Drop off will be on Circle Drive near the LOFT and 3rd floor of the parking structure. Student parking will be on the 1st floor of the structure. Permits are still required through CSULA.



Q: Do I have to come to in-person classes?

A: No, you may elect to continue attending classes online.

Q: Can I go to arts in person, and academics online or vice versa?

A: Yes, you may elect to come to either block in person or online. However, you must stay for the entirety of the academic and/or arts block.

Q: Are teachers/students required to get the vaccine?

A: No. LACOE is not requiring anyone to receive the vaccine.

Q: What time does school start? What is the academic schedule?

A: The academic schedule is currently unchanged. Please continue to follow the current bell schedule until changes are made in the future.

Q: Where do I park/drop off?

A: Drop off will be on Circle Drive by the top level of Parking Structure C near the LOFT. Student parking will be in Structure C. Permits are still required from CSULA.

Q: I have a specific question about my department's classes or program.

A: Please contact your arts chair for information on arts classes. Each department will be conducting their own program.

Q: Will this return to school and the workload be too stressful for students?

A: Faculty and staff are doing everything we can to ensure a healthy and stress-free return to school. We are re-calibrating our expectations on the academic/artistic rigor and prioritizing socio-emotional learning. Our goal is to care for our students. If you are feeling overwhelmed, our counseling and wellness team is on standby.


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