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Young filmmaker standing next to video camera

Join the next generation of visual storytellers, content creators, media innovators and digital disruptors.

Young dancer performing

Experience the power and beauty of dance as a universal language with our conservatory-style training program.

Young musician playing violin

Discover the unparalleled training and performance opportunities offered to LACHSA Music students.

Young actor in suit performing on stage

Multi-dimensional, dynamic characters come to life on stage through exciting, purposeful storytelling.

Young artist painting in a classroom

Explore the intersection of creativity and technique within a diverse range of mediums from LACHSA artists.


The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) offers a specialized program combining college-preparatory academic instruction and conservatory-style training in the visual and performing arts. Founded in 1985, the tuition-free public school is run by the Los Angeles County Office of Education in partnership with, and on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Young actor in a dress performing on dimly lit stage


Discover a world of imagination, of creativity, of ingenuity, of collaboration, of wonder. At the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, we offer a wide range of events featuring the extraordinary talents of our students.

Whether it's a glamorous film festival set in the heart of Hollywood or a world class concert right here on CSULA campus, LACHSA creates truly unforgettable experiences.

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High school ensemble performing a dance on stage


As an artistic community, we recognize the value of cross collaboration between the arts and fully embrace the power and beauty derived from the intersection of different disciplines.

Nowhere is the associative expression of different artistic mediums more clearly experienced than with our Interdisciplinary Art programs.

From staging Broadway blockbusters in MUSICAL THEATRE to hands on learning in THEATRE TECH,

LACSHA Interdisciplinary Arts represent the very best in artistic collaboration.

High school musical theatre ensemble performing on stage


Admission to LACHSA is based on an audition or portfolio review process. Applicants are welcome to apply once a year between October and January, with auditions/portfolio reviews being held in February and notifications sent in March. Find out the audition requirements now to start preparing! 

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