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Cinematic Arts



Stephen Gibler was born in Boston Massachusetts and has been a Producer in Los Angeles for over a decade serving in all variety of producer roles.

With a dream to be the force that brings films from inception to life, Stephen came to Los Angeles and since then has produced over 50 different projects. In the past few years alone, Stephen produced or been a part of five features (Bread and Butter, September Morning, 7seconds, Newness, and Pursued) and been part of the production team for several others.

Stephen has worked with Ridley Scott, James Franco, Drake Doremus, Nicholaus Hoult, Molly Ringwald, among others. Newness premiered at Sundance and was sold to Netflix. Stephen is also in the process of producing three other features at this time. He has also produced various commercials and promotional videos with clients such as Google, Chevron, Zrii Skin Care, USC, and Ocean Media.

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