World Languages

Born and raised in a Dutch speaking area near Brussels, Ms. Van Zeebroeck’s two passions have been languages and fashion. Her first teaching degree was for teaching Dutch, English and German to Dutch speakers. Thereafter she entered the fashion world and became an International Sales Manager for Belgium, Luxembourg and France for Youth product lines responsible for millions of dollars in sales. In 1994 she emigrated to California and married. In Los Angeles she continued in the fashion industry, including working for Liz Claiborne. She took time off to raise her daughter and earned a B.A. in French and her teaching credential from California State University Long Beach.

Mrs. Van Zeebroeck credits some of her language teachers as being her role models and has been a mentor and role model to her students. This is Ms. Van Zeebroeck's fourth year teaching all French levels at Lachsa. Prior to teaching at LACHSA, Mrs. Van Zeebroeck taught French at South East High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Ms. Van Zeebroeck’s goal is to encourage her students to immerse themselves in the French language and culture and become fluent which will benefit them both personally and professionally.

In addition to teaching French, Ms. Van Zeebroeck enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, hiking, cooking, reading, listening to music. Travelling is on pause right now, but is her favorite activity.