World Languages

Ms. Rogers was born in Sacramento and raised in San Diego and South Pasadena. After high school, she attended the Colorado College in Colorado Springs, where she loved every class and wanted ever so much to major in Fine Art, Anthropology, Botany, English, Sociology, Philosophy, Latin, Medieval Literature and Art History, but since her parents wouldn't let her stay in college for eight years, she emerged after four with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature and soon embarked on a teaching career.

After attaining a credential and completing a basic course in Special Education, Ms. Rogers earned a Master's Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on Mild to Moderate Disabilities and, later, another Master's in Administration in a unique internship program with an emphasis on Social Justice. Her teaching practices blend the philosophies of special education and social justice, and she believes that all students can learn, but that they learn best when they are engaged in meaningful activities and when they feel safe, respected and valued. She loves teaching aspiring artists and enjoys seeing the innumerable ways that student creativity may enrich any lesson.