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Accompanist, Piano & Music Tech

H. Dornell Carr is an accomplished musician, producer, writer, and arranger who has traveled throughout the U.S. performing and recording with various artists. His professional music career began at the age of 17 when he was hired as the Minister of Music at Ablaze Believers’ Christian Center. Two years later he was hired by, then LACHSA music chair, John Waddell and Pat Bass to accompany the LACHSA Gospel Choir. Since then he has worked in various areas of music such as Gospel, Jazz, R & B, Rap, Hip hop and more. He is also a regular collaborator with Gospel recording artist Hope Carr. In 2009 he founded the PDM Music & Media Library for which he has created over 200 pieces of commercial music in many styles and genres for business, television, websites, film, video games, and other applications.

He currently works at Los Angeles County High School for The Arts providing support to the Music Chair & faculty and is an accompanist for the Award winning LACHSA Vocal Jazz and Gospel Choir Ensembles he also teaches piano, & music theory privately.

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