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Mr. Ion was born in Romania and immigrated to the United States at the age of 11 to Orange County. Mr. Ion earned an Associate of Arts degree in Electrical Engineering, and later graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and teaching credential in physics. Prior to LACHSA, he taught college preparatory physics in Fullerton and more recently conceptual physics in South Los Angeles. He concurrently served as an advisor to the high school student Robotics Club while collaborating with the USC robotics lab.

Mr. Ion has been teaching at LACHSA since 2016. As a teacher, Mr. Ion aims to spark student curiosity, passion, and wonder for the physical world, while mentoring and motivating his students to achieve their potential beyond the classroom in pursuit of their own personal interests and professional endeavors. His goal is to engage students as new scientific findings, research, and technologies are developed and discovered, highlighting the nature of science in everyday life. Mr. Ion is an avid fan of water sports, having played on his high school’s water polo and swim teams; he also enjoys hiking and other various outdoor activities. Mr. Ion loves spending time with his wife and daughter.

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