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Dedicated to supporting the learning of LACHSA students for 20 years, Dr. Pohlmann currently teaches the 11th grade. Dr. Pohlmann attended Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, where he earned top honors in English and the liberal arts, and earned a place as a state finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship. He earned his advanced degrees in music performance from the Eastman School of Music and USC, where he earned his doctorate.

Dr. Pohlmann has served as both a music teacher and English teacher at LACHSA, and has chaired the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment committee, and continues to serve on the Shared Decision-Making committee and Instructional Leadership Team. An outspoken proponent of classical education, the endangered liberal arts tradition, and thoughtful work that elevates all students, Dr. Pohlmann is passionate about uniting the discipline of fine arts study with the freedom and intellectual creativity of literary exploration. While he is proud of major award winners, published authors, and inspiring young teachers among his many accomplished alumni, he encourages all his students to think deeply about what they read so that they may contribute to the understanding of others as they celebrate and elevate the written word.

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