Staff, Interdisciplinary


Technical Director

After graduating from LACHSA in 2003 for Theater and Film, Zakk started working as an assistant editor. While studying cinematography at LACC, he began working on set as a film loader and electrical / rigging for live music productions. He always planned to pursue camera work but it was in the technical theater program during his time at LACHSA, where he fell in love with lighting and programing. Over the years working on countless features, shorts, music videos, television and live events, he would ascend the positions in the camera department from loader, 2nd assistant camera to focus puller, camera operator and eventually Director of Photography, where he was head of all camera, grip and electrical departments.

Zakk is a graduate of the ASC Master Class where he honed his skills under ASC members Bill Nennett, Curtis Clark, Jacek Laskus, Rob Legato, James Neihouse and Theo Van de Sande. From deserts, rain and snow to aerial and underwater, he has experienced just about every type of production environment over his 16 years in the field. He has clocked over 6,000 hours on set as a camera operator alone, and has shot 15 feature length films as the role of Director of Photography directly managing crews of 30-60 people. Zakk is eager to pass on his knowledge that could only be acquired in the trenches of crewing live productions.

He is thrilled to be back at LACHSA running the technical operations of the LOFT theater and Amphitheater overseeing set construction, lighting and sound for productions, events and assemblies.