Technical Teacher

Hailing from the vast prairies of Manitoba, Canada, Lisa Henderson moved to Los Angeles after completing her degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Manitoba. As she worked in her field, she felt the desire to explore the correlation between architecture and interior design. This led to her studying at the avant-garde SCI-Arc in Los Angeles and receiving her Masters of Architecture. Subsequently she worked at a number of boutique firms before joining the world-renowned Gensler and Associates, where she worked on numerous large-scale commercial projects.

After several years on projects as large as a million square feet, she knew she needed to get back to her roots. In 2002, as Lisa began her own family, she founded her own firm, Harvest Architecture in South Pasadena, where she focuses on repurposing existing spaces for modern use, while maintaining their historical integrity. In her role as Founder and Principal Architect, Lisa applies her years of training and experience to design spaces and collaborates with great contractors and subcontractors who share her vision of connecting clients to their homes. Her passion for community extends to her personal support for the arts as a teacher and philanthropist.

Lisa takes her professional expertise to the next level through her involvement with various community organizations. Whether it’s the years spent as an artistic director and producer for local arts festivals, talent shows, musical productions, and outreach, Lisa elevates every project where she is included. Lisa uses her vast knowledge of design, construction, performance, and project management to provide unique training through hands-on experiences for participants. A natural collaborator, Lisa’s synthesis of professional experience and endless wonder create unique learning opportunities. At LACHSA Lisa is Producer and Artistic Director of the immersive theatre fundraiser - Halls of Horror and works with technical theatre students to design, build and create physical environments for live theater performances.