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Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Chase forged his own path and, early on, connected with Queen. “I loved the theatrical aspects. I’ve always thought that the performance is as important as the music. If you perform really well, it’s going to excite people, but, of course, having great songs and that amazing performance is my ultimate goal.” Chase Kroesche is a singer-songwriter and guitarist living in Los Angeles, whose focus and passion led to a scholarship at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music; touring by the age of 14; LA gigs; performances with Frank Zappa saxophonist Napoleon Murphy Brock and David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick; and endorsements with major instrument manufacturers.

Chase has collaborated with, among others, producer/engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith; The Fray), producer/songwriter Brian Howes(Nickelback; Daughtry), and producer/songwriter John Alagia (John Mayer). Chase is a recent graduate from USC’s prestigious Contemporary Music Program in Song Writing and a minor in Communication/Design. He has received numerous awards from the Austin Songwriters Group, Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest (1st Place-2015) and the Great American Song Contest (1st Place-2014).

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