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Los Angeles High School for the Arts is located on the campus of California State University Los Angeles.  LACHSA is building number 20 on this parking MAP of CSULA.  You will want to park in Lot 5 or the roof of Parking Structure C (Section B4 of the Parking MAP of CSULA) if you are visiting LACHSA.  If LACHSA secured parking for you then you will need to pick up your parking pass at Information center “I” in section E1 of the Parking MAP of CSULA.  If you are paying for your own parking, be sure to pay for parking at one of the yellow kiosks in Lot 5 or on the room of Lot C.  If you are paying for your own parking DO NOT park in the small gated lot directly adjacent to the LACHSA building or you will be ticketed as this area is for pass holders only.  You must park in the larger section of Lot 5 with a day parking pass.

Link to campus MAP: